Transportation Rules

  • Students are required to ride the bus assigned to them and to board and disembark at their assigned bus stop. The bus driver has full responsibility and authority for the safety of students while they are being transported on the bus.
  • Parents may not remove a student from a bus, after the student has boarded, without the approval of a school representative and proper identification.
  • Parents may not accompany their children on the bus or school.
  • Parents are responsible for damages to the school bus caused by their children. Students will not be permitted to ride the bus until the cost of the damage is deposited.
  • Items that can be held in the students lap or under the student's seat in the bus may be transported on the bus. Large musical instruments may not be transported on the bus.
  • Student will be issued a school bus referral by the bus driver for infractions of the rules. The school bus driver and the transportation department ar responsible for handling behaviour problems occurring on the school bus.
  • Suspension from bus transportation does not excuse the student from school attendance.
  • Student must always follow the school bus driver's instructions. The driver's primary concern is for student safety.
  • Student should exercise good manner, caution and considerations for other people. Show respect for the driver, the bus other students & other adults.
  • Students may not have anything in their possession that may cause injury to others.
  • Students will not transport any items on the bus that are not permitted at school.
  • Students must obtain a bus pass for getting off the bus at a stop other than the normal assigned stop.
  • Students will sit in thir assigned seats.
  • Students will take bus route change information home to parents/guardians.
  • Students will refrain from using body products (deodorants perfume, etc.) until they are off the bus.